"What doesn't yet exist on the market, we build ourselves.
Our EVA can confirm this."

Very often we have to deal with orders and projects where innovations are required. No wonder that we're always at the cutting edge of technology. Based on years of experience in the field of testing and validation and the need to build our own extendable test rack which is functional for us and the customer, EVA – our Electronic Validation Assistant was born.

The new test rack EVA from ALLGEIER ENGINEERING is the perfect assistant for performing manual and automated tests on automotive components and electronic components for consumers.

This rack is ideal as a test place for the local developer workplace as well as 19″ installation in server cabinets for test farms. In order to also enable tests for regions in which it’s sometimes difficult to supply development parts, worldwide software integration tests are possible with EVA.

With the generous 7″ LED touch control panel, the test rack is easy to use without additional software and hardware. Due to its open architecture, EVA can be adapted to any BUS-based system and can be easily updated remotely or via USB.

The expandable app menu implements useful functions and makes them available to other users through software updates. The tester gains a lot of time as a result. Workflows are simplified without the need for an expert to use additional tools. Our vision is a community for testers who benefit from the shared knowledge in the long term.

Areas of application of EVA

Developer Environment
Test automation
Remote validation
Test farming
Service deployment
Illustration of the actual control unit network

Advantages of EVA

  • Easy operation by touchscreen
  • Functional expansion throug new apps
  • Remote & update capability
  • 19-inch rack compatible
  • OEM independent configuration
  • Short-curcuit-proof power supply
  • Variable power supply (ext.)
  • IATA travel-ready (7 kg)
  • Various interface options

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