EVA: Electronic Validation Assistant

“EVA” – The new ALLGEIER test rack is the perfect assistant for performing manual and automated tests on automotive and consumer electronic components.

This rack is ideally suited as a test station for the local developer workstation and as a 19” installation in server cabinets for test farms. In order to enable tests for regions in which the supply of development parts is sometimes difficult, EVA enables worldwide software integration tests.

Thanks to the generous 7” LCD touch control panel, the test rack is easy to operate without any additional software or hardware. Due to its open architecture, EVA can be adapted to any BUS-based system and can be easily updated remotely or via USB. Thanks to remote access, the rack can be fully operated from anywhere in the world.

EVA stands for an intuitive and smart product innovation from ALLGEIER ENGINEERING powered by Linner Elektronik.


EVA is our multifunctional test and validation platform for automotive and consumer applications to test control units in the original system network. It was developed according to the latest ergonomic criteria and offers perfect access to all components. The patch panels also enable the control unit configuration to be easily converted – this enables forward and backward compatibility of the component architecture.

An innovative power supply, our Powerbar, enables a variable voltage source. This can be set to specific control units.

The intuitive operation of the 7-inch touch screen enables the different terminal statuses to be switched and the current and voltage consumption to be displayed. Customer inquiries and other functions are easily implemented and made available via an update via a USB interface. All functions of the touch screen are of course also available remotely.

Sustainable & future-oriented highlight:
EVA is an architecture-independent platform that can be used further after the development cycle.


  • Developer environment
  • Mapping of control unit network
  • Test Automation
  • Test Farming
  • Service use
  • Remote testing


  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Remote capable
  • Update capable
  • 19″ rack compatible
  • Automotive certified components
  • OEM independent configuration
  • Short-circuit proof power supply
  • Variable power supply
  • IATA travel ready (7kg)


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