The VALUES at ALLGEIER Engineering. For a successful cooperation.

Working together with people who share the same values as us is a great gift. we like to share OUR VALUES and live them with others.


With RESPECT we create a climate of consideration, recognition and fairness.

We give respect to the people with whom we work together, to the society and the environment in which we live. Our success is based on the different perspectives and experiences of each individual.

For us, living with respect means appreciating each other in our uniqueness.


For us, TRUST means
being able to rely on one another.

Mutual trust is the basis of our cooperation. We’re aware of the ability of individuals and the entire organization. Trust grows when we do what we say and say what we think and feel.

For us, trust means meeting each other with courage, self-confidence and empathy.


Our COMMITMENT promotes and demands responsibility.

We like to take responsibility – everyone for his work, as a team for our company and as a company for our environment. We’re constantly learning and seize every opportunity for growth. For us, living commitment means understanding our work means a valuable contribution to society.

With our knowledge and skills, we make the economy sustainable – and therefore contribute to the wellbeing of our customers and employees.


In sum, COHESION is more
than the number of our colleagues.

We see team spirit as the central success factor of our company – because together we’re capable of great achievements. We act collegially, in partnership and constructively. We like to share our knowledge and our experience and make them accessible and transparent to one another.

For us, living together means recognizing that YOU & I make a brilliant WE.


Our joint work wants to
be celebrated with JOY.

Joy is what drives us. We like moving things and celebrating success together. Achievement and fun are not mutually exclusive with us: We’re convinced that open cooperation, mutual appreciation and sociability lead to sustainable success.

For us, living joy means doing what we do, giving meaning and having fun at the same time.


We love networking and appreciate your interest in ALLGEIER ENGINEERING GmbH. Would you like to find out more and get in touch with us personally? Gladly! Write us a few lines or call our headquarters in Munich directly. We are here for you!