"I've already learned a lot from my supervisors."
Specialist Quality & Processes
"Resume sent. Interview conducted. Now I work here."
Analyst Quality & Processes
"I like the way we work together here."
Director HR
"Exactly my job. That's how I enjoy my work."
Analyst Communication & Navigation

More than 200 colleagues are looking forward to meeting you.

Since our foundation, we've grown into a team of over 200 experts and engineers. We're enthusiastic about technical challenges wherever innovations are required. Together we create a working atmosphere where our talents and abilities can develop freely. That's what makes us so successful.

We're looking for new talents and experienced experts.

We love striking personalities, individualists, researchers, creatives, nerds, thinkers, planners and quality-conscious makers. We're looking for the team players of today who'll work with us to shape, move and test the technologies of the future.

You can apply to us very easily and quickly.

At ALLGEIER ENGINEERING, every application process is quick, open and honest for both sides. Because the sooner we get to know each other in person, the sooner we'll know how well we fit together. Your application is very welcome to us.

Our application process

  • 1 Have you found a job which interests you? Perfect. Then send us your CV.
  • 2 You'll receive a confirmation of receipt from us and you can sit back.
  • 3 After 2 to 4 working days we'll get back to you with our initial feedback.
  • 4 We'll invite you to an interview (online or offline) and we'll finally get to know each other personally.
  • 5 If the chemistry is right between us and we're both happy with the terms of the contract, you can sit back again and we'll see you again for onboarding.
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Do you have any questions about our jobs or the application process?

To make the application process easier for both sides you can discuss your questions with our recruiting experts Bianca Strasser and Begimaj Kulo in advance.